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Ninja asks parents to help fight online toxicity

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Tyler “Ninja” Blevis is a household name at this point, thanks to Fortnite, he has evolved into a major player in the streaming industry. Given his success in the field, millions of kids look up to him as a role model and thus his online behavior plays an important role.

Just like the real-world, toxicity can be found in multiplayer games more often than not, and in most cases, it’s usually the kids who aren’t matured enough to deal with a difference of opinion.

Getting bullied online can bring several complications to a child’s life and whether or not he is the bully or the one getting bullied, every parent should be aware of their child’s online presence.

Like it or not, out of the millions of Ninja fans who will build the community going forward are expected to be taught how to behave online by their role model as it’s more likely for them to follow Ninjas words than anyone else’s.

However, Ninja begs to differ from popular opinion when he says “Is it my job to have this conversation with this kid? No, because the first thing that’s going on in my head is, ‘This kid is doing this on purpose to troll me.’ If someone says a racial slur on someone else’s stream, it can potentially get that streamer banned. It’s awful, but that’s the first thing I think of.”.

Come to think of it, Blevis is right in his position. During his daily gaming sessions, he faces countless kids who are racist for the sole purpose of getting Ninja’s attention or get him banned as Twitch often tend to punish streamers for someone else’s deeds.

If he sets out to correct every kid that shows toxicity online, he might as well give up streaming as the kid in question wasn’t the first and won’t be the last one to be toxic on his streams.

Instead, he asks parents to look after their child’s online behavior as it counts as a life skill going forward. Treating someone with respect can never be a wrong thing, just because the toxicity won’t transpire to real life, it does not serve as an excuse to belittle someone for their mistakes. Just how a kid’s mistakes in the real world are looked upon as the parent’s responsibility, the same should be the case with the virtual world.

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