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NICKMERCS unsatisfied with Warzone update

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Warzone Season 2 is finally here and brings a wide array of changes along with it, though many players find the update to amazing, FaZe Clan’s NICKMERCS was very critical of the update.

Cold War’s Season 2 update dropped on 25th February with changes in the multiplayer besides Warzone. Verdansk specifically had a few interesting changes. Players are more vulnerable to gas than ever before and on top of that zombie, spawns are significantly increased in number.

Despite these changes meeting the expectations of many, NICKMERCS couldn’t help but criticize the update. Few hours into the new update, Nick was tilted and burned out, “Guys, I’m fine, just this update f**king sucks,” Nick said. “Like, the game is worse today than it was just yesterday. How is that possible? It is, it totally is. The Gulag sucks! It’s f**king horrible. The ship is loud and pointless.” he said.

Later, he took his frustration to Twitter, where he compared the overall update to that of other games like Fortnite. A handful of people resonated with him but the lion’s share of his fans were fond of the update.

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