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“Don’t have the means to fix this hacking thing” NICKMERCS to Warzone devs

The number of hackers in COD Warzone has increased a lot.

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FaZe Clan streamer NICKMERCS has often been at odds with Warzone developers be it unsatisfying updates or cheaters ruining the experience of the game.

Despite Activision taking steps to address the cheaters ruining Warzone, they always seem to find a loophole to exploit the clumsy anti-cheat. Warzone players are frustrated with cheaters and their increasing frequency. NICKMERCS is one such frustrated player who has opted to take a hit at the developers. In a video titled “Warzone is Officially Broken.. (This Is Serious)” he has expressed his grievances pertaining to the game.

“This is obviously a serious problem,” he said. “They clearly don’t have the means to fix this hacking thing in general,” though he acknowledged “some improvements across the board”.

“Man, I really do hope that we see a day somewhere down the line where Activision invests into their game, they’re a multi-billion dollar company, they gotta have a little jing-a-ling laying around to do what they need to do to get this job done,” said NICK “I hope we see that day. Do I think we’re going to? Absolutely not. Why? I have no idea. It can’t be that expensive, but apparently, it is.”.

Activision has been working relentlessly to fix the issue, in the past, they have gone as far as to manually segregate and ban cheaters but that is not a permanent remedy. The only answer to this an improved anti-cheat for one will serve a huge blow to cheaters.

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