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The man behind the Laughing Guy meme has passed away

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Juan Joya Borja aka “El Risitas”, the man behind the widely popular “Spanish Laughing Guy” meme has passed away at the age of 65 due to an illness.

El Risitas was an extremely popular comedian before a YouTube clip of him laughing went viral. The clip was picked up by memers, websites, and content creators to turn it into a parody clip that is used in comedy videos to this day. Initially going viral back in 2015, the clip appeared in parodies, memes, and comical videos of all genres including gaming and esports.

The popular Spanish news outlet, ABC de Sevilla has confirmed that after succumbing to an illness in 2020, Borja was fighting for his life that he, unfortunately, lost on 28th April 2021.

Before his unfortunate passing, Borja was able to enjoy his fame for a good 5 years. Before making it as a comedian, he was a worker in kitchens and construction sites. Growing up in Andalucía, Borja lived his final moments in a hospital in Sevilla.

The world has come together to pay respect to the “Internet Legend”. Across every social media, fans are paying their tribute and remembering him for his giggles that made them laugh for years and will continue to do so for years to come.

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