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GrossGore addresses “sexual predator” accusations

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Popular Twitch streamer Ali Larsen aka GrossGore has broken his silence on the numerous allegations of him being a “sexual predator”.

Over the course of the last weekend, Gore found himself on the receiving end of several allegations collectively labeling him as a sexual predator. The allegations surfaced from a photo he posted on r/RoastMe on March 12th that he deleted but not before it was too late. A pastebin has been complied noting all the accusations made against him over the years.

Though several Twitter users resonated on the allegations made against him, a user in particular who goes by the handle EVEVE24 has shared her alleged experience with the streamer where, besides harassing her sexually, he sent fans after her.

GrossGore has responded to these allegations in a video where he said, “I know some people might not forgive me. I want you to understand that some people do change, I’ve learned a lot over the years and I have a positive mindset now,”

“Some people out there believe I’ve only changed because of the new Twitch ToS, but that’s not true, I’ve acted stupid and crazy in the past for attention because I thought no one would like watching me for who I am,” he added.

As of now, he did not acknowledge these allegations directly, however, he did apologize and accepted that his past behavior was wrong. He claimed his acts to be “stupid and crazy” and has wronged many for “attention” before saying that he has changed from his past self.

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