FaZe Clan co-owner Nordan “Rain” Shat went under recovery in the summer of 2020 after he was caught abusing drugs on Instagram live. He comes out after months giving us a short update on his recovery process.

In the March of 2020, Shat was forced out of the FaZe House after the news surfaced. He went under a recovery process without proving any update until now. Fans were extremely disappointed with him when they found out about multiple issues surrounding him and things turned worse when the same drugs started to take a toll on his body to the point it left him paralyzed.

Rain’s intentions were clear from the start, he was quick to realize his mistake and opened himself up to a recovery process. Apparently, things have been going well that is evident from the tweet. Although things going well doesn’t mean that he will be back to his YouTube lifestyle.

Heading into 2021, things are getting better for him. “The pain is spreading and getting worse and worse every day. I can’t live like this. If only you knew how fucked I am. Trying my best I promise.” tweeted Rain back in September. However, in his latest tweet, he confirms that he has been free of drugs for 5 months now, thus a YouTube comeback can be expected soon.

Drug abuse is a terrible thing, and for someone like Rain who is looked upon my millions of kids, this might act as a bad influence for them. Better late than never, Rain has realized his mistake and has taken a respectable way out of it. We hope 2021 turns out a better year and he can return to his glory days of vlogging and gaming.