FaZe Clan’s Nate Hill gets swatted on stream

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FaZe Clan’s Fortnite star Nate Hill becomes the latest victim of swatting, making him the 3rd personality in recent times to get harassed by the emergency services for no apparent reason.

For readers unaware of “swatting”, it is an outlawed act of calling the emergency services to harass an individual, where armed forces and policemen race down to the individual’s house as a response to information indicating greater threats such as bomb hoaxes. The authorities waste their time acting on misleading information and in return the locality gets harassed for nothing.

In the middle of his Fortnite stream, his roommate called him out, informing him about the arrival of the authorities. Hill had no option but to cut his stream short and quickly leave to dissolve the issue. Right from the get-go, he knew what exactly happened and left saying “just got swatted guys..gotta go back”.

He later confirmed via Twitter that the issue has been resolved and everything is fine. “Anybody who was watching the stream don’t worry everything’s fine. A lot of sick fucks out there, be careful” he confirmed.

Swatting is an outright criminal offense, especially when it involves the federal authorities and in most cases, it leads to imprisonment. Misleading such authorities puts the safety and security of a nation at risk thus anyone should know better than to use the helplines for a prank.

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