ExoHydraX unbanned from Twitch

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Having banned 8 months ago due to inappropriate behavior on Twitch, ExoHydraX has been unbanned, leaving the community in shock.

ExoHydraX was one of the well known streamers who shot up with the Hot Tub fame. Following the footsteps of other streamers of the said category, Exo was often found in revealing clothes on her streams.

During one such stream, Twitch decided to ban her, citing “Twerking For Views” as the reason, which she strongly disagreed with.

“Good luck being black and being a streamer on Twitch. I do the exact same content that white girls do but yet I get banned but they don’t? Beyond disappointing. This isn’t okay,” ExoHydraX wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

ExoHydraX isn’t impressed by Twitch decision, given how she told in a piece to Dexerto that curvier women are deemed “more sexual” even if they are doing things as other women,following which she announced that she will be returning to that specific Twitch channel, which begs the question as to why the Amazon owned streaming company unbanned her after 8 months, given Exo herself had likely moved on.

Twitch may have possibly removed the ban due to the accusation of racism thrown at them by the streamer but its unlikely. The original reason is yet unknown and we are left to see what Exo does with her freshly unbanned channel.

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