Dream faces backlash from fans as #DREAM_OUT trends on Twitter

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Dream’s rise to the top of the Minecraft content industry was filled with innumerous beef and dramas and more often than not, his fight is with his own fans, as is the case yet again this time around.

Being one of the most popular Minecraft content creators exposes his smallest of actions to the world and sometimes it lands him on the receiving end of his critics. His outspoken nature and inability to hold back his true feelings have earned him a publicly trending hashtag on Twitter calling for him to be ousted from the community.

Fans are very critical of a statement made against them by their favorite Minecraft YouTuber. Dream disagreed with a person of color calling him out for “demonizing rap music” among his anti-black fans before stating that he does not share any racist views nor does he support anyone doing the same.


Fans are pulling out moments of display of racism by Dream and accusing him of getting away with statements constructed with twisted lies and throwing his fans under the bus when he gets called out for “anti-black” activities.

“I don’t support any form of racism or any anti-black or anti-minority behavior,” “If you do at all, get out of the community. You’re not welcome nor are you wanted. Ever.” replied Dream to critics.

Dream’s response has come from his alternate Twitter ID and nothing can be accounted for unless he produces an official response. Unless he can keep his fans and critics satisfied, his position in the community won’t remain unharmed for long.

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