Dr Disrespect trolls Shroud by donating

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Shroud and Dr Disrespect have been on the apex of the Streaming Community for a prolong period. Doc being the one with a more edgy personality have always found ways to troll the former Counter Strike professional. His latest opportunity to intimidate Shroud came when he managed to best Shroud in the Code Red Modern Warfare tournament.

Shroud along with his girlfriend Bnans faced Dr Disrespect and 2017 MVP award winning World Champion Matthew “FormaL” Piper. Although this seemed to be a clear W for Doc and FormaL, they had to face some hardship to win. Shroud and Bnans put up a respectable fight but eventually went down.

The small moment of glory was suffice for Doc to mock Shroud. When Shroud went back to streaming Escape from Tarkov on Mixer, Doc hopped in with a $50 donation which came along with a message saying “You thought Hannah was enough to bring you to the championships? I made sure my ponytail was flapping in the wind for that last shotgun blast”.

It unclear that if it was Doc himself or an impersonator but Shroud assumed the sender being his former Twitch rival himself. He replied back with  “I’m assuming that’s actually Doc. We had a close game though, we almost got you!”

Dr Disrespect previously sneered Shroud on multiple occasions in the past. Shroud has mostly never countered the Doctor as he successfully dominated him across multiple games with this time being an rare exception.

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