Crazy Frog meme makes a comeback

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Following a Tweet from the Crazy Frog official page, the community has reverted their interest back in the dead meme which has spiraled it back into life.

The Crazy Frog or The Annoying Thing whichever name people chooses to address it by, was an was once heard across schoolyards worldwide. It was one unique CGI character, spawning that made its place in the pop culture.

Once again after 13 years, the meme has found its way back into the pop culture with the Tweet the made fans remember of what it represented back in the day.

“Crazy Frog has died” reads the tweet from the Crazy Frog Updates fan page. Listed as ‘Not Associated with Crazy Frog’ in the page’s bio.

Fans have taken the tweet a bit too seriously to the point where the meme is back in business like it never left the meme community. The Reddit thread concerning the same was active like never before in the past few hours which shows the community’s love for the meme.

It is amazing to see how a single Tweet can bring back plethora of memories for the community.

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