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Wuthering Waves

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Jiyan Voice Actor Wuthering Waves: English & Other Languages

Curious about who voices Jiyan in Wuthering Waves? This article reveals the English voice actor and the talented individuals behind Jiyan's voice in other languages.

Wuthering Waves Exploration Event Start and End time, Tips, and Strategies

Get ready for the Wuthering Waves Exploration Event with our detailed guide, featuring key dates, expert tips, and tactics to maximize your gameplay.

Fixing ‘Survey Tasks Not Showing’ Error in Wuthering Waves: A Gamer’s Guide

Discover how to quickly fix the frustrating 'survey tasks not showing' error in Wuthering Waves with our easy-to-follow gaming guide.

How to Unlock Free 5 Star Weapon in Wuthering Waves?

Ever since its release, Wuthering Waves has been successful in captivating a sizable player base. One could say that the developers have excellently managed...

What is Tower of Adversity in Wuthering Waves? Exaplained

Wuthering Waves is an open-world RPG game that has captivated a sizable player base ever since it was released. The game features stunning visuals,...

Wuthering Waves Changli: Release Date, Abilities, and More!

Changli is set to bring her fiery skills to Wuthering Waves soon! Learn everything we know about this highly anticipated character.

Wuthering Waves Music Not Playing? Try These Fixes (2024)

The eagerly awaited game Wuthering Waves has finally arrived, captivating many with its engaging gacha elements. However, not all players have had a smooth...

Wuthering Waves Lamp Lumen Myriad Location

The Lampylumen Myriad boss in Wuthering Waves awaits your challenge. Discover the path to this elusive adversary and prepare for an epic battle with our strategic guide, covering everything from navigation tips to character selection and equipment choices.

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