Monday, October 26, 2020

Valve release changes to VAC in a new CSGO Update

CSGO has acquired 02/25/2020 Replace. Now you can obtain this patch on PC (Steam). You will see that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 02/25/2020 Replace...

Crosshair, Menus upgraded in the new CSGO Update

Users were greeted with a 400 MB update last morning from Valve for their FPS game Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
CSGO Update

March CSGO Update; Lesser CPU memory, More scoreboard options

Earlier today CSGO welcomed an update which reduced the CPU memory usage 40%. Further it added more scoreboard options to mute enemies...
CSGO New Ranks

CSGO New Ranks 2017; fixed head hitboxes, trust factor match making

CSGO New Ranks for 2017 were unveiled this morning. The supporting reason is believed to be that the in-game GUI had to be matched...

CSGO latest update brings enhanced accuracy and sound upgrades for rifles

Valve today released the latest version of the game with jumping accuracy fixes and a long-seen update on major rifle sounds. The update is...

Valve releases update, affirms to fix the major bugs

Valve have introduced a new patch to the game earlier this morning. The patch will carry fixes and updates to the major hitbox...
Second Shot

Second Shot introduced by Valve in the latest update, changes accuracy and shooting

Valve pushed a major CS:GO update a couple of hours ago which is by far one of the most important and game changer in a...
Valve permanently bans match fixers

CS:GO update 31.5.2016,

The 145 MB update from Valve early this morning brought some of the changes in the secondary gameplay where Fade to black is now...
CSGO update

CSGO Update vide 5/5/16

CSGO update has been rolled out a couple of hours ago with minor changes and elimination of bugs. Nuke and Cache got were reevaluated...

R8 revolver, new pistol and other tweaks update

The new update of CS:GO which is highlighted with the introduction of the newest pistol in the game R8 revolver has been released...

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