Monday, September 21, 2020

Create an Ideal CSGO Practice Environment with these Commands and Config

These commands will create the perfect CSGO practice environment for you!
fall guys

How to Report Hackers in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout?

Fall Guys is not completely clean in terms of cheaters and if you face one, you can follow this simple guide to report them so that they won't escape the banhammer.

Valorant Agent Abilities Which Demands Immediate Attention

Three Agent Abilities that Need to be Nerfed for the sake of the current Valorant meta
PUBG Mobile Esports

PUBG Mobile esports director: “We want to compete with League of Legends and CS:GO”

PUBG Mobile aims to become the best esports title in the world and to compete with titles like League of Legends and CSGO. Does PUBGM really has what it takes to become the best?
csgo major 2020

Will there be any CSGO Major in 2020?

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 was the last CSGO Major Championship till now. Everyone knows what happened after that. The COVID-19 pandemic started...

PUBG Mobile: Key Takeaways from PMWL 2020

PUBG Mobile World League Season 0 ended changing lots of things. Can Bigetron RA be challenged now? Indian region is rising and what is the future of PUBG Mobile Esports? Check out the key takeaways here:

Esports Careers: The Long-term Implications

In the immense modern world of eSports, building a career has gone from distant fantasy to very real possibility. Of course, achieving...

How to Unlock All Agents in Valorant

Previously known as “Project A” by its parent company Riot, Valorant did shift the tides over its competitors upon its release. It’s...

Which Careers In The Esports Industry Are Fascinating Today?

Esports, otherwise known as electronic sports, are human to human competitive games that take place online usually through PCs and consoles. Players...

Guide to Enable the FPS counter and other Parameters in CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve’s famous tactical FPS is one among the other titles which do rely a lot on frames per second...

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