How Esports & Gaming Org. are contributing to the war against Coronavirus

A never seen before catastrophe struck the world when a pandemic came to light in December 2019 in the heart of Wuhan...

SoStronk drops new match making system with 3.0 Update

Sostronk have taken massive steps towards improving their user experience after the April Fools update. We explain how.

All Eyes on Fnatic vs NiP at ESL Pro League Season 11

The most favorite, hyped and anticipated battle of Counter Strike is always between the Swedes. Fnatic faces NiP at the pre-group stages...

PUBG Mobile: Is everything okay between Sc0utOP & Team Fnatic?

What’s going on between ScoutOP and Team Fnatic? What’s the reason behind ScoutOP not playing in the Fnatic PUBGM lineup? Are things okay between Scout and Ronak? Let’s break all of this down for you guys.

What Source 2 Engine Could Mean for CSGO

Will existing games get ported to Source 2? What does that bring to the table particularly for CS: GO and it's fans worldwide? Get ready to find out!

Teamfight Tactics Mobile Beginner’s Guide

In this guide, will be covering all the basics of Riot’s Team Fight Tactics (TFT) that saw a global release on 18th of March. What is TFT and how to play the game, let’s find out more about this auto-chess kind of game from Riot!

Teamfight Tactics Carousel Rounds Guide

What is a Carousel Round in TFT? In what order do we get to pick a champion, which champions to prioritize during this round and how to make the most out of your champions?

Could Free Fire Survive in the Battle Royale Battle?

Garena Free Fire succeeded in creating a respectable player base despite firm competition. Weekly in-game events, rewards for players & responsiveness of game devs helped Free Fire stand out. But can the game keep up with its competitors in the BR market?

TE Originals: Natus Vincere, Perfecto & Sweet Serendipity

Natus Vincere may have just found their Chemical X in Perfecto to help turn their team of talented individuals into true Champions.

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