Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Weeknd to invest in Esports team Splyce

Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a The Weeknd the famous R&B artist and Grammy award winner joins the list of celebrities investing into Esports. The...
Entity Esports

Introducing Entity Esports – the new face of competitive Indian eSports

The new addition to the family of Indian eSports, Entity Esports, is one of its kind organization which was the result of Beyond Infinity...

ESL Cologne 2019 announced with $300K for CSGO

ESL Cologne 2019 returns to the Cathedral of Counterstrike, the German esports giant has announced. The schedule is set for the three-day LAN Finale...
Qi CSGO Invitational

Qi CSGO Invitational with $75,000 prizepool

Qi is bringing back intercontinental competition between Asian and European CS:GO. Qi CSGO Invitational. Injunction with Thunder Media Entertainment, Qi will be hosting the “Qi Invitational”, a...

ESL India Premiership Summers – Meet the top contenders

The audience, gamers, and professionals are knocking at the door of ESL India Premiership Summers finale. The expectations are soaring high and the temperature...

Entity overcome Brutality, Invictus style on 2ez

Brutality and Entity met each other in the first of the semi-finals, with Dust2, Cache, and Overpass the maps emerging from the veto. The...

Entity Gaming shifts CSGO Bootcamp to Serbia

Entity Gaming's manager, Sid Joshi was teasing fans since a couple of days with several status updates and pictures on social media. Nonetheless, the...

Alex Replaces Happy in Vitality

Vitality have announced the signing of Alex "ALEX" McMeekin, a day after they announced the release of Vincent "Happy" Schopenhauer. The move gained traction after...

Captain of a prominent Indian CS roster allegedly embroiled in cheating controversy

Indian Counter-Strike scene has been rocked by another cheating controversy. The Forsaken incident had already tainted the hard work done by the other members...

Entity Gaming accused of mistreatment and unpaid dues

Indian DotA 2 organization Entity Gaming has been accused of mistreating one of their ex-coaches, a medium post read. Anthony Hodgson states, the team...

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