Wednesday, August 12, 2020
n0thing but headshots

n0thing but headshots – ELEAGUE Season 1 Group A finals – N0thing vs Luminosity

The legendary Counter Strike player was seen in action back from the 1.6 era where he held the respect for most headshots in any...

The list of TV channels broadcasting eSports event – ELEAGUE

The international broadcast list for Friday's Group A ELEAGUE finale has been revealed by WME TMG which will be OTA live on TBS and...

ELEAGUE Major 2017 – Playoffs

At Atlanta, the ELEAGUE Major 2017 arrived at the playoffs. There are no considerable upsets yet in the tournament. The sixteen teams juncture last...

FaZe ships mousesports home

FaZe has managed to defeat mousesports in the first game of the quarter finals of ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018. The journey of mousesports, with...

SK departs FaZe from ELEAGUE; advances to semis

The last and final section of the quarterfinals set at the ELEAGUE Majors 2017 Atlanta had two teams battling out for the spot. SK...

SK Gaming Disqualified from ELEAGUE Season 1

Min-Sik Ko has reveled that SK Gaming has been disqualified from the ELEAGUE Season 1 due to roster changes. The Brazilian team had secured...
ELEAGUE groups

ELEAGUE groups revealed of first order

Turner and WME | IMG have unveiled the regular season tournament format for the debut of ELEAGUE groups, which will pit four teams against...

ELEAGUE CSGO Premier 2018

ELEAGUE teased the initial details of their upcoming tournament during the live streaming of C9 vs FaZe. The tournament will feature eight teams and...

ELEAGUE kicks off with Luminosity ahead of the charts, Liquid disappoints

As we begin to experience the $1.2 million tournament by WME| IMG, ELEAGUE started with a fresh and very impressive node with Australians showing...