Fnatic wins Group D finals after viciously destroying FaZe, once again

With the Eleague Season 1 advancing to another Group finals, we have another winner of a group. Fnatic, the Swedish side which recently came back...

ELEAGUE Major 2017 – Playoffs

At Atlanta, the ELEAGUE Major 2017 arrived at the playoffs. There are no considerable upsets yet in the tournament. The sixteen teams juncture last...

Astralis advances to semi-finals

Astralis have successfully defeated the utterly strong Natus Vincere to advance into the semi-finals of ELEAGUE Major 2017. Astralis beat Na`Vi 2-1 (16-7 Overpass,...

Astralis supreme power at ELEAGUE Major 2017

ELEAGUE Major 2017's grand finals came up live with the Poland countrymen Virtus.Pro took on the tournament favorites. With not a great 2016 year...

OpTic disqualified from ELEAGUE

Following their roster change yesterday, the officials at ELEAGUE have cleared the air and disqualified OpTic from this season. The move came in soon...

fnatic to face Virtus.Pro in ELEAGUE finals

ELEAGUE finals is a day away and we have with us the 10 best players of this season who will be seen playing for...

C9 keep the USA flag high at Boston Major

One of the best Major experience to have developed, C9 finally took the trophy home. FaZe and Cloud9 battled it in the best of...

fnatic titled second semi-finalist at ELEAGUE Major 2017

The second leg of quarterfinals of ELEAGUE Major 2017 was played between fnatic and Gambit. Fnatic won the series quite comfortably, defeating Gambit 2-1. Fnatic,...

The list of TV channels broadcasting eSports event – ELEAGUE

The international broadcast list for Friday's Group A ELEAGUE finale has been revealed by WME TMG which will be OTA live on TBS and...

Virtus Pro beat fnatic 2-0 to win ELEAGUE Season 1

The first map of the game cobblestone, began with Fnatic on the favorable terrorist side in the first half where they were able to...

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