Yesterday, for a brief moment the description of Steam Store when searching on Google read “ F**K Epic Games Store”. This rather unintentional change was caused by Google’s bot caching user reviews as a description for the Steam Store. Steam has a feature where it will feature most liked review of games on top and Google’s bot accidentally cached that review as store description.

The message only appeared as a description for users that searched for “Steam Store” on Google, but simply typing “Steam” would display the regular description below the store page. The error was fixed momentarily after some players had found out about it and things started to get viral.

This text seemingly came from a review on Metro Exodus, a game which was Epic Games Store exclusive for a year and just launched on Steam after its exclusivity period ended. Since its launch, some users are giving game negative reviews with text-filled with capital letters and ASCII art of a middle finger to show their dissatisfaction against the developer and publishers’ exclusivity deal with EGS.