Ever since retiring from the rapping industry,  Robert Bryson Hall II aka Logic has been actively involved in the gaming and music industry and his fame has reached the point where G Fuel drops a new flavor dedicated to him.

G Fuel has announced the launch of “Bobby Boysenberry,” on Feb. 17, a flavor dedicated entirely to the former rapper. A limited-edition of the same is will also be released parallelly which will include a Bobby Boy shaker. The flavor will supposedly be sweet which appeals to Logic’s liking. The pre-orders for it have already begun but fans across the world will have to wait a little longer to get their hands on it.

“We’re humbled and honored to expand our five-year partnership and collaborate with Logic on producing G Fuel Bobby Boysenberry,” “This flavor is dedicated to all the Bobby Boy fans around the world who want increased energy and focus as they overcome obstacles and conquer challenges in both life and gaming,” said G Fuel founder and CEO, Cliff Morgan.

G Fuel dropping a flavor dedicated to Logic should not come as surprise as upon leaving the gaming industry, he has been streaming non-stop, and to top it off, he has funded an esports organization in Chaos Esports Club that dropped its CSGO roster only a few days ago. His venture into gaming has been nothing but successful which is evident from his viewership statistics.

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