Photo: BLAST

A report by esport journalist Richard Lewis has stated that Faze Clan has filed a motion to dismiss their lawsuit against Turner “Tfue” Tenney from California, favouring a motion at New York instead.

While the Faze camp claims it is “better suited” for New York courts, Tfue’s reps have claimed that it is only done to avoid California’s strict labour laws. More specifically, they said that the California Talent Agency Act ensured that Tfue was protected against Faze acting against him to limit his sponsorship opportunities.

On the flip side, Faze argued that New York was a neutral location for both parties and that Tfue was a Floria resident and therefore California was not the appropriate location anyway.

“For the foregoing reasons, FaZe Clan respectfully requests this Court dismiss this proceeding to permit Tenney to re-file his claims in New York.” FaZe’s legal team said.

The court is yet to decide on the outcome of the motion.