Adidas Originals and Ninja enters multi-year apparel partnership deal

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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins today announced his partnership with Adidas Originals and released a video which featured him wearing Adidas merchandise. According to Adidas this is a multi-year partnership deal and will feature “either physical or virtual” products.

Tyler while streaming on Mixer was asked by his viewers about the products that will be available as part of the deal but the later replied and only said “use your imagination”.

Adidas is known to sign individual sports players for apparel deals but this is first time for Adidas to partner with an individual esports player. The apparel deals are relatively new in the gaming world and collaborating with one of the biggest names in the gaming industry might prove to be the turning point for Adidas.

Ninja is also in a long term partnership with other big brands such as Microsoft’s Mixer, Samsung and Red Bull. Time to time he will also do sponsored game streams for latest exclusive games such as for EA at the time of Apex Legends release.

Currently the Fortnite star is on a rise with many brands exclusively signing him. This also proves the notion that big brands are openly looking for opportunities to enter in the gaming market and offer special products for these consumers.

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