Bayes, the esports data service platform, has raised $6 million funds from the Pohlad Family investment group, Fertitta
Capital, Sony Innovation Fund, and other influential sports and media investors on September 17th.

Bayes Holding, formerly Dojo Madness, is a company specialized in gaming and esports data, offering market-leading tools and
services to business customer. “With our cutting-edge technology-driven products, we solve real issues that esport organizers, teams and media companies are facing everyday backed up by our very own machine learning algorithms. Partnerships with some of the biggest names in the esports and betting industries put Bayes in a unique position that allows the team to make a real impact in this vibrant and exciting space”, reads their official website.

The $6M funding will be used by Bayes to further expand the data and content offering on its platform and to develop new
platform features that benefit both data suppliers and consumers. In 2019, Bayes cemented significant data partnerships, including deals with ESL and Riot Games, reads their official press release.. Bayes owns innovative products like Bedex and Esports Director that serves the consumers, bussinesses and likewise with relevant esports data from around the world.

Explaining the kind of data, Venturebeat states, “The probabilities on the outcome of a given esports match are among the most valuable data the company provides. But that’s a fraction of the real-time information available on the platform. For example, the betting industry is mainly interested in real-time raw data of the top tournaments that they can access faster than a public broadcast and contain all events and information relevant to the outcome of the match. This data is augmented by Bayes by calculations and predictions.”

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