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Monday, July 22, 2024

Lauren Rasmussen

Nonchalant door de straten van Nederland lopen. J'ai aussi vécu en France pendant un court moment.

Epic Games Is Offering Gamers Just Cause 4 Free

Epic Games Store offers two free games each week, and the current week's alternatives are especially fascinating. This week, the stage is parting with...

Maikelele tweets, CSGO is better than Valorant

With the number of players keep growing every day as the drops continue, Valorant has become a big talking point worldwide. Maikel 'Maikelele' Bill,...

Benefits of Esports & Gaming in general

Even if you haven’t heard the term ‘esports’ before, you’ll know what these games are. Short for ‘electronic sports’, esports are essentially computer games, but they are...

Valorant will be Free To Play

Riot Game's ambitious Project A: Valorant, much like their own League of Legends Valve's Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be Free To Play. The developers...

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