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mTw announces return of ave into competitive scene alonside Sunde, minet

Alexander "ave" Holdt, 27-year-old, who once retired for a short while in 2011 to focus on his education, later had a healthy career winning...

Pop star Jay Chou from Taiwan is all set to form a League Of Legends roster

Word of the day acknowledges that Jay Chou, a Taiwanese pop sensation of today, has decided to formulate a League of Legends team, which...

Digital Chaos pulls in ‘1437’ from Cloud9 DotA 2, team disbands

Cloud9 was forced to disband their DotA 2 roster this early morning following the departure of their IGL Theeban '1437' Siva, who accepted the...

Konami announces Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 to be Free To Play

Subsequent to being outed not long ago, Konami has now confirmed the presence of an FreetoPlay rendition of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016. The distributor calls it "entry...

iNation set to come back to competitive scene with kassad as a coach

Following a couple of months of dormancy, iNation come back with a blast as the undertaking at last includes a gaming association rather than...

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