NiP gets back pyth, Maikelele departed


Jacob ‘pyth’ Mourujarvi returns back to NiP after three months of a break following his injury. Ninjas in Pyjamas will bid farewell to their prolonged player Maikelele, who was a stand-in for the Swedes on a temporary basis.

NiP won Starladder StarSeries Season 2 with Maikelele’s position in the team.


The official statement of ‘pyth’ on NiP’s website reads:

“I got more nervous from watching the matches at home than playing them because you get a different view of the game. Sometimes when they lost I wish I could do something about it. It really feels good to be back gain with the boys. Thanks for the support and everyone that believes in me”.

Pyth will appear back with NiP at Intel Extreme Masters, Oakland. The $300,000 is scheduled from November 16-20.

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