Dare2Dream soar high at EDGE17, beats Brutals 2-1


Techno India’s EDGE17, the most famous east-India tech management fest came to a conclusion earlier this morning with CS: GO and DotA 2. Dare2Dream achieved victory at the grand finals of CSGO whereas, JMD Gaming conquered the DotA 2 championship.

East India’s most beloved fast EDGE17 came to a complete entertaining closure. Brutality and D2D, both the tournament favorites faced off each other in the grand finals in the wee hours of Monday.

The finale which although started with delays didn’t fail to impress the audiences in the early hours today. Our reporters at the venue informed us about the chilling atmosphere even at 6. A.M. after the hectic previous day.

Brutality lost to Dare2Dream in the first map Mirage, with a convincing scoreline of 16-5. The second map, though, ended up with scores leveling. Overpass had Brutality beating the dreamers with a close matchup of 12-16. The decider map, train, Dare2Dream left no stones to unturn as they beat the defending champions with a scoreline as strong as 16-3.

Team Brutality played with, Wuzz, PeXxer, RiX, Ankit, and Kundya, whereas Dare2Dream had HellRanger, Antidote, Shabby, SpawN and Blackhawk.

EDGE is India’s one of the most reputed college tournaments. Organizations, sponsors, keeps an eye on this season of the year where they wish to participate in the city of joy’s juncture actively. Every year, the prizes are way over as compared to the other college events all across the country. And Techno India has always been up to the mark to deliver and acknowledge the presence of the teams, media, and other distinguished attendees of the event.

Previous year Team Scorchers were victorious at EDGE 2K16 where they beat Team Brutality 2-1 in the grand finals.

Although we admit that the delays are annoying, the time spent during the rescheduling are very productive at this cultural-technological-management festival!

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