SK Gaming beat Fnatic to win DreamHack Open Summer 2017


SK Gaming has successfully clinched victory in the best of three DreamHack Open Summer 2017 grand finals. After losing the second map Overpass 4-16, SK won 16-8, on both Inferno and Mirage.

The $100,000 event setup in Sweden featured eight teams with SK and Fnatic being the favorites to compete in the finals. SK Gaming qualified from Group A, whereas Fnatic came in from Group B. Other than the regular formalities, it was Gambit earlier in the group stages who eliminated Cloud9 from the tournament. SK then beat CLG to qualify for the finals and on the other bracket Fnatic edged out Immortals.

In the pre-finals map picker, Fnatic banned Cobblestone and Cache to chose Inferno. SK chose Overpass and banned Nuke, Train. Ironically, both the teams failed to come up at the top of their selected maps. And evenly, Mirage was the leftover map by default. In the first and second map, there was no competition whatsoever, with SK dominating the first game pretty confidently and closing the game figures at 16-8. And Fnatic avenging it even brutally by thrashing SK 16-4 on their map pick similarly.

The grand show at Mirage

It all came to Mirage when Inferno and Overpass couldn’t give us the results.

Fnatic set their game up with Dennis taking four in his favor with Tec9 sharing his ace with Olofmeister.

Coldzera though sailed his team through the storm by taking two head offs and eventually allowing SK to get first round on the board. The score leveled 1-1 before the third round going in favor of SK Gaming, making it 2-1 and 3-1 respectively perhaps, for the Brazilian side. SK Gaming extended their lead by another couple of rounds; 5-1. Another round on board for SK forced fnatic to rest their case with a tactical pause.

Fnatic’s regular fashion of coming back after a pause was yet again successful.


Fnatic’s temperament of sticking to the defaults got them a couple of more rounds. JW established his confidence backside by getting three in the round. SK however, managed to get a semi-eco round in their favor disrupting Fnatic’s idea of leveling the score early on the half. Olof clutched the tenth round (1v3) and got a quad kill to win a round in his team’s favor.

Olofmeister’s consecutive quad-kills lead fnatic to their fifth round on the game. The score at the end of the second half rested at 8-7 in favor of SK. Double from each felps and fer helped SK Gaming to get the first round of the second half. Instigating the standard form, SK gets three more on board.

SK Gaming looked confident more than ever by getting another few rounds on board. The gap extended to six as SK Gaming lead their scoreboard at 14. SK Gaming finally closed it at 16-8, similar to what they did to Fnatic in the first map.

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